I have been a realtor for 14 years and I have really enjoyed how much it keeps me on my toes - from working with first time buyers to growing families to Baby Boomers downsizing.

As a Baby Boomer myself, I was born and raised in Vancouver. As a young adult I rented an "apartment," not a condo, waitressed at the first Earls in town, and taught high school at Point Grey where my mom went to "junior high".

Yes, Vancouver has changed and real estate has changed with it. I am embracing the tech side of it - posting my client's homes on social media and sending contracts by Docusign. The public has more access to real estate information than ever before, but I believe that realtors are now even more valuable - for our knowledge , experience, and level headedness!

With my life experience, knowledge and passion for Vancouver, and enjoyment for being current, I also bring to the table a great eye for presentation, with tips for decluttering, home improvement and hands on staging to create a wonderful first impression for potential buyers.

Let's get together for coffee and plan your next move!

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